Our Authors

The ‘Live More Of Your Life’ team consider themselves to be exceptionally fortunate to have Jennifer Fraser and Robert Palmer as the lead authors for

Both are well-respected by children, their families and colleagues as they combine up-to-date information with a wealth of practical experiences in user-friendly portions.

Jennifer Fraser PhD.Jennifer Fraser
Dr. Jennifer Fraser is a dedicated educator, researcher, writer. and much-sought-after international speaker.

She is a Canadian scholar and author who brings together different discourses such as neuroscience, literature, journalism and psychology in order to question and improve the way we educate children and young adults.

Jennifer is highly appreciated by all who know her, and is widely recognised as a leader in the practical application of neuroscientific insights in, and across, educational fields.


Robert Palmer B Ed. T.P.T.C.Robert Palmer

Robert Palmer is an experienced Australian teacher and administrator who has held senior executive positions in State and National Teacher Organisations.

He has written more than 400 teacher support and student activity books for major publishers.

Robert presented for the OECD Cities of South-East Asia program, and at various United Nations Environment Program conferences.

To students of all ages Robert is simply known as ‘Mr. P.’