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Animals All

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Animals All

A4 - Full Colour - 42 Pages

There are millions of different kinds of animals, and all depend on plants for
their survival. Animals are divided into two main groups - vertebrates and

Can you imagine a world in which the only living creature is man? Just think,
there would be:

  • no fish swimming,
  • no birds flying,
  • no mammals hopping or running,
  • no pets,
  • empty zoos and national parks,
  • no sports like horse racing,
  • different medicines,
  • different cosmetics,
  • different clothes, and
  • no meat.

No one knows how many different kinds of creatures there are - there could be
as many as three hundred million million species of which less than two million
have been identified.

Find out more about the amazing world of animals in this interest-packed

Also available as an E-book for download. 
Animals All - E-Book