Great Games - E-Book
Great Games - E-Book
Great Games - E-Book

Great Games - E-Book

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A4 - full colour - 191 pages

The world is becoming aware of the need to ‘Be More Active’ and to ‘Live More of Your Life’ to address the crisis of inactivity. We have found that people already know they should find thirty –to- sixty minutes a day of physical activity but are reluctant to find time for ‘exercise’.

GREAT GAMES is our way of taking up this challenge. The GREAT GAMES collection of 150+ games puts the fun back into the fundamentals of good living

GREAT GAMES brings together old favourites, traditional games and sporting activities that provide fun and fitness for all.

Did You Know - Emus and kangaroos can not move backwards; and that is one of the reasons why they were chosen for the Australian Coat of Arms.

A kangaroo cannot jump unless its tail is touching the ground.

The emu holds the land speed record for birds at 50 kilometres per hour.

You will find more than just games in GREAT GAMES.