Managing Behaviour - E-Book
Managing Behaviour - E-Book
Managing Behaviour - E-Book

Managing Behaviour - E-Book

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MANAGING BEHAVIOURS : A self-help resource

A4 - full colour - 16 pages

If you do not understand your child’s temperament you might be criticizing him / her for behaviour that is related to his temperament. This could lead to major clashes and to your child developing more extreme behaviour patterns.

You might also start blaming yourself for your child’s behaviour, rather than understanding it is simply how they are.

Understanding you child’s temperament will help you to:

  • explain why your child might be behaving in a certain way. 

  • anticipate how your child will react to a particular event or situation. 

  • communicate better with your child. 

  • know which approach to discipline will, and will not, be effective. 

  • create a positive relationship with your child. 
Your own temperament will also influence your parenting. The better the fit between your child’s temperament and your parenting style, the better the results will be. 

More self-help skills and resources can be found in MANAGING BEHAVIOURS